Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder


Guar plant, also known as cluster bean is a drought resistant plant from leguminous family. This plant is cultivated in large scale for its seed, vegetable, green manuring, etc. The seeds are processed into gum powder and fast hydration powder and into different grades in accordance with industrial usage. Fast hydration is one of the varieties of this crop extract which contains special properties such as,

  • Highly soluble in cold water
  • Forms a strong hydrogen bonding
  • Contains excellent thickening, emulsifying and stabilizing characteristics
  • Shows film forming nature
  • Controls rheology through water phase management, etc

This product is applied as natural thickener, emulsifier, and stabilizer and bonding agent. Apart from that this product is also used as an excellent hydrocolloid, natural fiber and fracturing agent. It is naturally fast in hydrating and becomes dispersible and suits best for oil well drilling, incessant fracturing and diesel slurry functions. When it comes to oil well industry, this product is found to be applicable for multiple functions for its fast hydration feature. Some of the usages include,

  • Fluid and water loss control
  • Viscosity control
  • Lubricator
  • Used for cooling of drill bits
  • Mud drilling and Cementing slurries

Fast Hydrating Slurriable Guar

This is a non-ionic and natural fast hydrating slurriable guar variety. The viscous property of this crop is slurrible upto 50% solids in diesel fuel. It is used for stimulation of oil and gas in aqueous system and works very well as a fracturing fluid. This quality makes this product an excellent option for good hydration, shell life, thermal stability, etc. It works with borates when cross linked and it shows good bearing capacity when combined with proppants and sand that are used in the created fracture. The viscosity can be reduced when combined with oxidizers, acids or enzymes and even with HCL.
Benefits for Oil Field Applications

Oil Well Fracturing

To perform oil well fracturing, industrial grade guar gum works efficiently. Apart from that it is also applied for the following applications like,

  • Oil Well stimulation
  • Mud drilling
  • Used as Stabilizing , thickening and suspending agent
  • Used as surfactant
  • Applied as synthetic polymer and deformer for rheological needs of water as well as brine based drilling liquids
  • High viscosity feature makes it suitable for adding with drilling aids in geological as well as water drilling
  • It is also used for sustaining drilling mud viscosities to enable drilling fluids in removing waste from deep holes
  • This by product is also helpful in reducing friction present in holes
  • It helps in reducing power requirements when it is applied for friction reducing application