Application of Guar Gum Powder

Frozen Foods

  • It is mainly used for preventing ice crystal formation in frozen products such as ice creams, fresh cream cakes, soft serves, etc. It also helps in controlling moisture and act as stabilizer and freezer burn reducer. In addition, this ingredient also controls freezing point, syneresis and thaw separation.


  • In bakery and confectionery preparations it enhances elasticity and retains moisture. This product also plays the role of dough controller, helps in binding ingredients, acts as stabilizer and freeze thaw. If forms in film and jell and restricts bloom. This can be used as an alternative for agar, gelatin and glazing agent.


  • Beverage types such as soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and fruit juices need presence of viscous and suspending agent. Guar gum powder acts as thickener, enhances mouth feel and improves viscous nature.


  • Texture and moisture retention is most expected when it comes to food products preparations like snacks, noodles, pasta, etc. This ingredient supports in retention of moisture and improves texture and shape of the product.

Dairy Products

  • Milk based products like yogurt, mousse, cheese and desserts are prepared with improved texture and viscosity with this material. In addition, it works as a moisture distribution control agent and develops tenderness and mouth feel.

Ketchup, Pickles and Soups

  • Viscosity keeps the ketchup unique and water dispersible. Guar gum powder is used in this product to enhance thickness and free flowing nature. It also acts as acid resistant and water binder in salad dressing in the preparations of viscous liquid food items like pickles, soups and relishes.

Pet Food

  • It works as a gelling and moisture retaining agent and becomes good thickener and suspending agent for pet foods. Some of the notable preparations using this ingredient are wet canned food for pets, calf milk replacer, etc.


  • Guar gum powder performs as binding and disintegrating agent in medicine preparation. It is also used as laxatives to increase transit and stool time in intestine. In anti-inflammatory drug production it is applied for its suspending property. It helps in reducing blood glucose and lipid lowering.


  • In toothpaste and ointment preparations and in conditioner production, it is preferred for its gelling and viscous nature. It also works as lubricator, film forming and suspending agent for the same range of products.


  • Miscellaneous items including printing inks, paints formed from water base, telephone and electrical cable production, water treatment and purification plant, photography, incense sticks, fire fighting, gem, ceramics, wallpapers, synthetic resins and many more products are made by adding guar gum powder as one of the basic ingredients.

Oil and Gas Well Drilling

  • In oil and gas drilling and in fluid boring and fracturing this ingredient helps in reducing friction. It also increases permeability and prevents water or fluid loss. It is also preferred for the following operations such as lubricant, cooler of drill bits, shale inhibito and solid carrier as it offers thermal stability and thickness.

Mining , Construction/Building

  • In mining and construction industry guar gum powder is used for stabilizing and dispersant properties. It is found to show excellent floating nature and acts as flocculating agent and foam stabilizer. This product is also preferred for back water generation and proofing agent in concrete and coal mining industries.

Paper Industry

  • Guar gum powder increases fines retention and maintains dry and wet strength. This is applied for flocculent and sizing requirements and provides retention. It improves sheet formation and reduces porosity of paper boards, photographic papers, filters, wrapping sheets, etc.

Textiles Industry

  • Textile industry applied this produce because of its property as sizing and thickening agent in preparation of printing paste. In wrapping paper preparation, it increases thickness of sheets and reduces tearing or breaking and prevents dust formation when the material is fed into sizing equipment. It also works as a dispersant and thickener in the making of fabric dyes.

Tobacco Industry

  • In the making of kreteks, cigar, gutka and cigarette it is used as a binder and strengthening ingredient. It also helps in reducing irritation.

Cream and Cosmetics

  • Cosmetic products like hair spray, shampoos, cream, etc are made by adding guar gum powder as squeezing, thickening and lubricating agent. It also protects colloids and film forming agent.


  • It acts as soil conditioner and increases water holding property of soil.


  • It plays prominent role in making of assortment of miscellaneous products like printing inks, telephone cable, incense sticks, synthetic resins, battery electrolytes, etc.

Applications of Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

Oil and Gas Well Drilling

  • In oil and gas well drilling it helps in reducing friction and enhances permeability. In addition, it reduces water and adds fluid loss property. It is also used as lubricant and cooler of drill bits and improves thermal stability.


  • Fast hydration guar gum powder is used as one of the important ingredients for application of fracking because it makes the drilling and fluid injecting easier in oil and natural gas production. Also used in water treatment, purification, fire fighting, water based paint and painting ink etc.

Applications of Cassia Gum Powder

Pet Food

  • Acts as gelling, moisture retention, thickening and stabilizing agent in veterinary food preparations.

Frozen Foods

  • It prevents crystal formation in ice creams and frozen foods and reduces freezing point apart from moisture controlling and stabilizing property.


  • In preparation of snacks, pasta and similar kinds of products it helps in terms of moisture retention and texture improvement.

Dairy Products

  • Improves texture of product, restricts syneresis in formation of cheese and acts as moisture distribution managing agent.

Ketchup, Pickles and Soups

  • In bulk preparation of pickles, soups and sausages, it helps in enhancing viscosity and free flowing properties and in retention of acid.


  • In poultry food making it works as moisture retention and suspending agent.

Air Fresheners

  • It is used for its gelling property in the making of air freshener gel.


  • Cassia tora gum powder is also used in plethora of miscellaneous applications such as fire fighting, printing inks, electrical and telephone cable, photography, etc.

Other Applications

  • Cassia tora powder is preferred for its gelling capacity and it is used in combination with other colloids for food preparations.

Applications of Guar Meal and Cassia Meal

Cattle Feed

  • In helps in improving digestive system of cows and buffaloes and shows improved growth in cattles in addition to increased milk output. Enhances protein content when added in cattle feed creation.